Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness is the Spiritual Art of living in the moment. It sounds silly to say it because that is what we do. Well, may be that is what we believe we do. Most of us live for tomorrow, or in the past. Most people live with hope and live with desperation. A lot of people are afraid of what they do not have rather than enjoying what they have.

Mindfulness is spiritual retreat that helps the participants with tips and tools to be reminded of the moment of joy, which is now and how to capture it and live now. This time of spiritual guidance will anyone living with worries, anxieties and fears to channel their energy to that is positive and constructive.

None of us needs to let go of our past, for they have formed us. None of need to give up hope, because we believe in a world that is eternal and beautiful. But getting there is living in the now and that is what this retreat is all about.

With stories and experiences, filled with spiritually vibrant moments this retreat can help you kick start a spiritual life that you always wanted. It is not complicated, or complex in any way.

Steps to guide you, mantras to center you and practices to neutralize our fears are the key that will open the doors to mindfulness. Retreat Schedule

Centering Prayer Retreat

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Centering Prayer is a method of silent prayer that helps open our hearts and minds to consent to God’s presence and action beyond words, thoughts, and emotions. Rooted in ancient Christian prayer practices, Centering Prayer prepares us to receive the gift of Contemplative Prayer, the awareness through faith of God within us, closer than consciousness itself.

Lectio Divina is a traditional way of listening to scripture as if we were in conversation with Christ. It supports an attitude of friendship, trust, and love in our unfolding relationship with God, ultimately leading us to “resting in God”.

These two prayer forms work together to help us listen, reflect, respond and rest in God’s word, and consent to God’s presence and action in our lives. They arise from our relationship with God, and are methods to foster that relationship. Lectio Divina deepens our relationship with God and strengthens our intention to rest with God in prayer; Centering Prayer helps us hear the word of God on a deeper level.

This retreat is for all who are interested in deepening their prayer practices with Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina. The retreat is based on the teaching of Thomas Keating and Contemplative Outreach. It will include sessions of Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina in the group, spiritual teachings on DVD by Thomas Keating, and time for private rest, study, and prayer. We will keep silence during meals and evenings.

There will be an opportunity for instruction for those new to these prayer practices. Click here to see the dates of the retreats