Private Retreats

Personal Spiritual Renewal

Flexible Dates
House Of Blessings
HOW TO DO A PERSONAL RETREAT Welcome! We have been preparing for your arrival. Now that you are here, what’s next? Pick a date, choose your options and choose your room type and click to register. If you clearly know why you are here and what you wish to be and do on your retreat, you may not need any help. For those of you who are less sure, or perhaps are making a retreat for the first time don't worry, we will guide you through the steps when you get here. It is often helpful to begin by creating…

Couples’ Renewal Getaway

Flexible Dates
Get away from the busy schedule of life and enjoy the company of each other in a spiritual environment at a quiet, beautiful, plush and relaxed mountaintop. This beautiful place is created for spiritual renewal of individuals, couples and clergy. It comes with a spacious bedroom with king bed, sofa, fireplace, a beautiful and spacious living room and big kitchen with all the necessary utensils for the pleasure of cooking. The quaint town of Eureka Springs  is only 4 miles from this beautiful home. Enjoy the Victorian town, cuisine, and sites while renewing your energies. Eating Places in Eureka Springs…

2 Nights Family Renewal

Package Dates
Renew yourself first and then your family. Take time off from busy schedule and share time with God and your spouse. Enjoy the beauty and peace this place bring. Spend some time in silence, prayer and reading. Unplug from the worries and cares, the distractions and disturbances of the world and center on Christ and be renewed. This package is available only Monday Through Thursday of the week. So when you choose the date, please make sure you choose Monday  through Thursday for your two days package. Start your renewal on Sunday or Monday Or Tuesday. Renew your life and…

3 Days Guided Retreat

With Catherine Crews, PhD and Fr. Jos Tharakan

Package Dates
Come for a three days guided retreat at your leisure. Take some time off from the busy schedule of life, and find yourself in the midst of the divine presence in the quiet and serene setting of the House Of Blessings. Your retreat time will give you: A time to relax and rejuvenate A time to read and rest A time to go deeper into your inner self A time to understand better how God is guiding you A time to refresh your dreams A time to change things that needs change A time to visit with a spiritual director…

Clergy Vacation House

Flexible Dates
Brent's House
Welcome to Clergy Vacation. We are a vacation home for clergy from all denominations. We are here to serve you so that you can serve your congregation better. We have certified Spiritual Directors onsite if you need one to talk to and share your journey with. Make a donation for the time you spend at the Clergy […]