Catherine Crews, PhD

Catherine has practiced Centering Prayer since 2005 and is commissioned by Contemplative Outreach to teach Centering Prayer.  She is a Clinical Psychologist, now retired from practice and teaching. For spiritual renewal she practices Centering Prayer, Healing Prayer, and attends the Holy Eucharist.  She has attended retreats at St. Benedict Monastery in Snowmass, CO and St. Scholastica Monastery in Fort Smith, AR, and made spiritual pilgrimages to India. She serves on the board of the House Of Blessings.

Events with Catherine Crews, PhD

3 Days Guided Retreat
June 25, 2016

Come for a three days guided retreat at your leisure. Take some time off from the busy schedule of life, and find yourself in the midst of the divine presence in the quiet and serene setting of the House Of Blessings. Your retreat time will give you: A time to relax and rejuvenate A time to read and rest A time to go deeper into your inner self A time to understand better how God is guiding you A time to refresh your dreams A time to change things that needs change A time to visit with a spiritual director…

Centering Prayer Online Retreat
February 19, 2018

This retreat is for anyone seeing deeper practice of Centering Prayer Fr. Thomas Keating describes Centering Prayer as the keystone of a comprehensive commitment to the contemplative dimension of the Gospel, manifesting as a deepening union with Christ, and practical caring for others. This way of praying in silence opens our hearts and minds to consent to God’s presence and action beyond words, responding to the call of the Holy Spirit. In this small course you will be introduced to the concepts and method of centering prayer. Four videos of short duration is designed to help you focus, learn and…

7 Days Centering Prayer Intensive
July 20, 2019

Intensive Retreats provide in-depth exposure to the contemplative dimension of the Gospel through increased periods of Centering Prayer and the viewing of a video lecture series on the contemplative dimension of the spiritual journey. When we are committed to the practice of Centering Prayer, we often realize how deepening this experience is and how we can keep our hearts at peace no matter what is going on around us. With increased periods of Centering, we will be given an opportunity to rest in God in a way deeper than what we are used to. Having a community to share it with makes…