House Of Blessings

House Of Blessings

Retreat and Renewal Center

We Are Here To Serve!

Churches, groups, and individuals come to the House Of Blessings to renew, rest, and rejuvenate their spiritual and emotional selves. Make your pilgrimage and strengthen your journey!

What We Offer

Wedding Venue

A beautiful location for your big day. No matter what circumstance you may be in or what background you are coming from, you deserve a beautiful spot for your big day. Enjoy the House Of Blessings.
Great Scenery
Celebrate your big day at the best place in the world. On top...
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Dinner Hall
With a lovely reception hall and the open deck you can easily seat...
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Bell Tower
A beautiful bell tower with lovely scenery and lawn makes it a great...
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Wedding Chapel is a beautiful place that gives you enough room for a...
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