Centering Prayer Introduction

This retreat is for anyone seeking a deeper practice of Centering Prayer

Fr. Thomas Keating describes Centering Prayer as the keystone of a comprehensive commitment to the contemplative dimension of the Gospel, manifesting as a deepening union with Christ, and practical caring for others. This way of praying in silence opens our hearts and minds to consent to God’s presence and action beyond words, responding to the call of the Holy Spirit.

In this small course, you will be introduced to the concepts and methods of centering prayer. Four 25 minutes webinars are designed to help you focus, learn and integrate your learning to your personal life. This retreat is for those who are willing to spend two hours on a day to learn from the comfort of their homes. If you are looking to take the same program leisurely there is another online course we offer. But this is for those who want to set aside two hours and learn quickly what this prayer practice is all about.

Centering Prayer is considered the deepening of our God experience. In this form of prayer, one goes deeper than what he or she is used to and unite with God.

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