Community Of Saint Francis

Community Of Saint Francis is an Ecumenical Order of St. Francis in the modern world following the rules of St. Francis. We invite everyone who is interested in a life of simplicity and universal spirituality, to check us out and join us.


To practice universal spirituality
To find a community based on spirituality and not necessarily religion
To join a community not divided by religious and theological boundaries
To join with people from all walks of life who respect the dignity of all people
To join with people who believe in non-violence
To grow together as a spiritual family
To do good in this world


CSF: A Non-Profit Foundation

Community Of Saint Francis now is a non-profit foundation approved by the government. It took some time for us to decide if this is the route we wanted to take.

July of 2018 we will become 2 years old and 14 in strength and we have another 8 more interested and waiting. This is exciting and it is also very encouraging. It is a time of discernment for us. We heard the call and we said yes. If you feel called, come and explore.

Franciscan life is a life of simplicity and prayer. It is a call to be uncomplicated in a complicated world. It is a call to become open to all of God’s people and creation in a way that gives life. While we all need boundaries and disciplines of a church, we also need the freedom from constraints that keep us from being true to ourselves and our potential. So, being part of an intentional community is a great idea and a positive step. There is room for lot more people to come and be part of a movement that can change the world.