Direct Booking For Vacation / Rest / Sabbatical

Welcome to the House Of Blessings Renewal Center. We are here to serve your need for rest and renewal. Thank you for checking us out. Here are the features and benefits of reserving your stay with us directly.

Single Room Refundable Rates

This rate is only available for individuals.

  • For one night: $38
  • For two nights: $76
  • For three nights: $114

Call to reserve your vacation. 479-253-7379

Single Room Non-Refundable Rate

Non-refundable rate for 2 or more nights @$30/per night. This rate is only available for individuals.

  • 1 night @38 per night
  • 2 nights @30 per night: $60 (Non-refundable)
  • 3 nights @30 per night: $90 (Non-refundable)
  • 4 nights @30 per night: $120 (Non-refundable)
  • 5 nights @30 per night: $130 (Non-refundable)
  • 6 nights @30 per night: $180 Non-refundable)
  • 1 week: @25 per night: $175 (seven days. Non-refundable)
  • 2 weeks: @23 per night: $322 (fourteen days. Non-refundable)

Call to reserve your vacation. 479-253-7379

Amenities Available To You!

  • A beautiful and large kitchen stocked with everything you need to cook a meal for yourself.
  • A great dinning room.
  • A well stocked library.
  • Great bar table and counter.
  • Coffee maker and coffee.
  • A beautiful open chapel for meditation, prayer, rest, renewal or reading.
  • A lovely large open deck that overlooks the mountains
  • Beautiful bell tower.
  • Clean and well kept grounds
  • Walking trails and outside benches
  • Safe neighborhood.
  • Wifi internet for basic usage. Not for streaming.
  • Linens, blankets, pillow covers, towels are all provided. (Bring your own toiletries)