The House Of Blessings grounds is filled with small stations for prayer and meditation. The Stations of the Cross, beautiful walkways, pathways, trails and country roads near the retreat center make this place a charming and quiet space. The wooded acres behind the retreat center make this place an ideal …

Bell Tower

A beautiful bell tower with lovely scenery and lawn makes it a great spot for an outdoor wedding. You can easily put in over 100 plus chairs around the bell town giving you a great view of the ceremony. Outdoor and beautiful.


Wedding Chapel is a beautiful place that gives you enough room for a beautiful celebration of your marriage. The chapel has 50 people seating capacity and a beautiful altar facing the horizon. Beautiful colors and wonderful scenary.

Come To Jesus

Nicodemus came to Jesus to figure out what is going on with him and his life. He made a conscious choice and it was not an accident. Meeting with Jesus gave him the courage to speak up for Jesus and for himself. He could find the truth about who he …

Centering Prayer Retreat

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 Centering Prayer is a method of silent prayer that helps open our hearts and minds to consent to God’s presence and action beyond words, thoughts, and emotions. Rooted in ancient Christian prayer practices, Centering Prayer prepares us to receive the …