Personal Vacation

Welcome to your private vacation or rest at the House of Blessings. Take a 30% discount when you stay for more than one day. Enjoy the beautiful grounds, open deck that overlooks 15 miles into Berryville and Greenforest. While you are at the House of Blessings these amenities are available to you without additional charges.

  • The chapel of the Resurrection for meditation/prayer/reading
  • The beautiful grounds with flowers and walkways
  • The library with over 800 books
  • The common kitchen with a large refrigerator
  • The bell tower for quiet time
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Coffee and coffee pots

This vacation could be the start of a new journey for you. Take it and enjoy it! Welcome to the House Of Blessings.

Steps to register: 

  1. Required to register at least four days in advance.
  2. Choose your arrival date.
  3. Add extra nights to get a 30% discount on additional nights.
  4. Fill in your information.
  5. Click submit.
  6. Please check your email for confirmation of your reservation request.
  7. Please do not make any travel arrangements until your registration is confirmed by email or phone call.

Thank you for choosing to stay the House of Blessings.

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