Centering Prayer Introduction Zoom Retreat

Meeting date March 6, 2021 9:30 am
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Fr. Thomas Keating describes Centering Prayer as the keystone of a comprehensive commitment to the contemplative dimension of the Gospel, manifesting as a deepening union with Christ, and practical caring for others. This way of praying in silence opens our hearts and minds to consent to God’s presence and action beyond words, responding to the call of the Holy Spirit.

In this small retreat, you will be introduced to the concepts and method of centering prayer. Presented by Fr. Jos, who had been presenting this retreat for several years, will capture your attention and keep you interested and make it enjoyable. You can ask questions just like in any other class even though we will be distanced from each other in person. The blessing of technology will help us become one group even though we will be sitting behind the screens in the comfort of our homes. Here below are topics that will be introduced and reflected in this retreat.

Introduction to the understanding of Centering Prayer
Learning Prayer As Relationship
Method of Centering Prayer
Thoughts And Use Of Sacred Word
Deepening Our Relationship with God